Q. Is it free to list items on your site?

A. No, you can find our store set up pricing under the "Open a Store" tab

Q. What do you charge?

A. The shop setup and merchandise listing varies on the type of store that you would like to set up. STREAMR WEAR how ever also collects revenue at a rate of 45% gross revenue per sale resulting in a revenue share between the creator and STREAMRWear.com

Q. Can I promote other merch websites on my social media platforms while I sell merch through STREAMR WEAR? 

A. NO, with STREAMR WEAR, you are considered a sponsored content creator and will not advertise rival apparel companies. Failure to comply with this ruling may result in your merchandise store being taken down.

Q. Can I sell my merchandise through other retailers and sites while selling through STREAMR WEAR

A. NO You are not able to sell your merchandise through other apparel retailers and competitors while having an active merchandise collection on STREAMR WEAR. 

Q. How long is the store creation process with STREAMR WEAR?

A. Please allow up to 12 days for your store package to be completed.

Q. What types of print services do you offer?

A. STREAMR Wear currently offers Screen Print/DTG as well as Embroidery services. *We can not promise exact colour matching on embroidery products due to limited thread colour combinations and possibilities. Slight variations in colour maybe occur in some embroidered products*

Q. When my merchandise is sold how do you send payments?


A. We pay every individual who's merchandise has been sold, every 30 days starting at your first sale. A revenue threshold of $50 must be met to withdraw funds. An example: Product is sold on September 1st, you will be paid 30 days following the purchase and receive payment October 2nd. STREAMR WEAR pays all site members and merch owners exclusively through the use of PayPal ONLY, therefore make sure the e-mail you signed up with is your PayPal e-mail account address.

Q. Do I need to pay taxes on my merchandise sold?

A. YES. As a STREAMR WEAR merchandise seller you are considered your own business and any or all revenue must be reported and filed legally and in strict accordance to any tax agencies or authorities within your country and or state of residence. By purchasing a store package you agree to any and all of STREAMR Wear Ltd. terms of service 

Q. I live outside the U.S., can I open a store with STREAMR Wear?

A. YES, we accept all Content Creators, Esports Organizations and Influencers.  

Q. How old do I need to be to apply?

A. You must be 18 to apply and receive payments or 16 with your parents permission and signed declaration. 

Q. What is the best and fastest way to contact STREAMR WEAR about any store or program questions?

A. Send all inquiries to Contact@StreamrWear.com


Last Edit: January 5th 2021