Semi Pro Team Store




This store package is perfect for the Esports Team who is semi-established, is pub stomping people in game and demolishing teams in online scrims 


1. T-Shirt

2. Pullover x1 

3. Hoodie x1

4. Baseball Jersey x1

5. Bomber Jacket x1

6. XL Mousepad 

7. Flag x1

8. Sticker x1


* Ensure the email used to purchase the store is the same email for point of contact. A StreamrWear design team representative will be in contact with you to walk you through the proper dimensions for Jersey design and creation as well as the design phase.

Please ensure to upload all other logo/designs before adding the store package to your cart.

Xl Mousepad Dimensions must be 7300 x 3700 px.

Flag Dimensions must be  12525 × 10650 px

All other images must be a minimum of 5000x by 5000x *